Tis the Holiday Season!!

Hello All, I personally want to wish you a Happy Haunkkah, Merry Christimass, and wishing everyone a prosperious New Year! Not sue if you had a chance to listen to the recommended podcast from last month… I want to share it again… why? Well the ability to maximize the use of your brain and memory is critical to the optimal use of time. When you think about it, time is the great equalizer. The is the one things we all have same of… the Rich, the poor, the successful, the challenged… we have the same amount of time and what we do with it determines where we end up in life. I do have a habit of listing to various podcast as I do other tasks throughout the day, (walking to the office, dishes

How do you determine the value of a house? The REAL value.

To start, the house is not valued at what you originally paid for the property. You can have it professionally assessed and pull comps to determine an approximate value–comparable homes with the same size, age, lot size, amenities, etc. in the neighborhood that have sold in the last six months. This is a great starting point. But, in the end, your property is only worth as much as the highest-paying buyer is willing to pay for it. Even if the comps and the appraisal and your opinion value the property at $250,000, if you can’t find a buyer to purchase the house for more than $225,000, then the value of your home is $225,000. Simple. So, how do you determine the value of YOU? You don’t deter

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