A Lottery Nobody Wants to Win

Second month sharing an article talking about the trouble with out massive debt. A Lottery Nobody Wants to Win By Porter Stansberry A major jubilee is coming to America soon... Lots of people will be excited about this once-in-50-years event. The crowds will cheer. And politicians will promise new and better prosperity. But what will happen is really a national nightmare. If you've never heard of the concept of a national jubilee, I (Porter) would urge you to please read today's Digest more carefully – and more skeptically – than you ever have before. You see, I fear we may be among the only people in America who know what's about to happen... and why it can'

Determining Your Property Values

One the most important steps in Real Estate Investing is knowing the retail value of the house, or also known as the ARV (After Repair Value). This number is the basis for many critical calculations to include your Max Offer Price, Max Funding, and Profit level. As an investor, it is crucial to know the potential value of the property you are working with. Having a tool and method to determine the ARV quickly and accurately is vital to a Real Estate Investor to move quickly with confidence. I use a Collateral DNA to provide an accurate value quickly. I find this to be possibly the closest you can get to a true appraisal without spending over $300. This report provides detailed data abou

New World Money

For the Next Couple of months I want tos share some article that provide some background and important information on our Monetary Structure and the effects of massive Debt. New World Money By Teeka Tiwari, editor, The Palm Beach Letter Chapter 1: Bitcoin Rises From the Ashes You are looking at a live picture of Lehman Brothers’ 158-year-old firm—born pre-industrial revolution and surviving the Great Depression… Lehman Brothers will file for bankruptcy this evening under circumstances that, without the government’s assistance, sources tell us would almost certainly result in significant market disruption. — CNBC special report, September 14, 2008 I trust you r

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