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With the New year.. I ask.. why I write...

WHY I write and send these Newsletter / Blogs

I use this platform to keep in touch with friends, family, and clients. I like to share Ideas on the economy, business, investments, Real Estate and assist those prepare for a more financially secure future.

This newsletter is going through a lot of major changes and will continue to change… I welcome ideas and suggestions, reply to this email and share them!

Also, our Website is also going through constant improvement with new content added each week. Check it out at

What’s on my mind…

Even with the stock market hitting new highs each day and indications the economy finally starting to take off really... I think it is time to reflect and take action to ensure you are personally more secure.

I am attaching a couple of articles from three separate investment writers/economist saying similar warnings. To summarize; There are some serious structural issues with the economy that might have some lasting impacts. Provided is a brief history of the fiat currency we use the world today, the massive unfunded liabilities of the US Government that will severely impact those who have to pay the bill and the potential for reduced benefits in the future.

The Federal Reserve continues to manipulate the supply of money and interest rates, causing a record high prices on all asset classes (something that is not historically normal). This will not end well in the near future when interest rate rise (which they will at some point). The interest payment for the US Government will go from about 6% to 11% of the budget add that to an increasing requirement for Social Security and other mandatory entitlement payments. This is why I feel it is critical to produce a second stream of income for yourself independent of the government and/or your current employment.

What are we working on?

As mentioned above we have financed a new house that is in the middle of being rehabbed. Check out the progress at

Do you or do you know anyone with a house that is not in the perfect condition that they are looking to sell? If so have them check out the link below! We are looking for our next project!

If you are looking for real estate properties for investing check out my website!

My advice to you, get your financial house in order. If you do not know how. Find out… If, like me, you think Real Estate provides a venue to provide stability, additional cash flow to secure your future. Let me know... let's work together!

I look forward to feedback on this Newsletter and idea on future projects!

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Succeed as an entrepreneur

Do you want to start your own business? Join the club. Many ambitious people become entrepreneurs to better control their destiny. The club you don’t want to join, though, is the failed entrepreneur club. These tips from the

Entrepreneur magazine website can help you avoid that fate:

• Find out what customers want to buy. The most innovative product in the world will fail if nobody wants to buy it. Instead of focusing on what you want to sell, start by identifying what potential customers in your industry want.

• Prioritize cash flow. Get cash flowing into your business immediately by, for example, asking for cash deposits up front or selling services that customers can pay for monthly.

• Keep costs low. One way to do this is to buy used office furniture and equipment instead of paying full price. Another strategy: Pay your vendors up front in exchange for a reduced fee.

• Be conservative. Train yourself to underestimate revenues and overestimate expenses. This conservative approach, even though it sounds pessimistic, can help you avoid overextending your business in the early days.

• Focus on sales. As the saying goes, nothing happens in business until a sale is made. Adopt a single-minded attitude toward marketing and selling. Don’t worry about developing your brand at first—concentrate on generating leads, analyzing successes and failures, and doing whatever is necessary to start bringing revenue in.

The courage to try

Life lessons can come from the most unlikely sources if we are open to receiving what they have to offer us. For Tricia Goyer, a wife, mother, and accomplished author, a lesson in bravery came from her twenty-something son Nathan.

When he announced his plans to write a book, Goyer encouraged him and promised to edit it. With 500 magazine articles bylines and more than 50 published books, Goyer knew her insight would be beneficial.

As Goyer edited Nathan’s rough draft she realized that her son had a talent for writing and decided they should hire a professional editor to review the text. The editor also liked Nathan’s work and offered some constructive feedback.

After the rewrites were finished, Goyer told her son to start weighing his options about next steps in the publishing process. He could go the traditional route and work with a publisher or self-publish.

He decided that he would self-publish his work as an e-book. The next day his novel Bask was for sale on It has even received a few positive reviews. For Goyer, taking those next steps of publishing one of her many books has never been something she could act on with that kind of certainty or efficiency. She says she would first share copies with as many as 20 friends and consider their feedback. Next, she might attend a workshop or conference to solicit even more feedback and advice before deciding which route to take.

Nathan has inspired Goyer to believe that “sometimes we just need to roll up our sleeves and do what we’ve been afraid to try.”

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